Creating Your Daily Action Plan

Creating-Your-Daily-Action-PlanOne advantage that we have as Internet marketers is that we can control our time. Unfortunately, this is also one of the reasons why so few people succeed as online marketers. We tend to jump from one thing to the other without any plan or definite schedule.

The successful online marketer knows the importance of having a daily regiment.  They have a daily action plan that they follow every working day.  They create a daily work routine that fits their personality and ensures that they spend time on profit-producing activities, every day that they work.  Here is an example of a daily work routine.

Wake at 7:30 AM
Put on my coffee
Perform my morning duties, shower, shave, etc.
Prepare my breakfast
Eat my breakfast
Have a cup of coffee while reading or listening to a training or motivational tape or book.
Check my e-mails and answer any that require a response
Decide what project I need to focus on

This whole process takes me about one and one-half hours. So by 9:00 AM, I am ready to work.

Next comes profit time, from 9:00 AM till 12:00 I focus on the income-producing project that I selected during my morning routine.

Normally I will work for about an hour and fifteen minutes, take a thirty-minute break and then work another hour and fifteen minutes.

If I finish the project before noon, I start on the next project in my list.

By noon I’m done with my “must-do work” and can spend the rest of the day on planning, research, learning, and playing.

If I have a project that really excites me I can devote another hour or two to that project.

While it may seem that two and one-half hours is not much time to devote allocate to profit time, most experts agree that the average business owner is lucky to spend two hours a day on activities that have a positive impact on their business.

The rest of their time is spent on miscellaneous necessary and unnecessary tasks. In addition, these two hours often fit in between other non-profit producing activities, so their impact is much less than it would be if they allocated a specific block of time.

So, by having a daily action plan that includes two and one-half hours devoted strictly to money-making activities, I’m well ahead of the game.

Plus, the time I spend on research, learning, and generating profitable ideas also has a positive impact on my business success.

I urge you to join the ranks of other productive and profitable online marketers by creating your own daily work routine that includes at least two hours of “profit time”.

If you’re a full-time online marketer, design your schedule around your peaks and valleys. For most having a morning routine works best.

If you’re a part-time marketer who is trying to escape the rat race by working online in the evenings. Set aside three hours an evening for your online business. Allocate two hours to “profit time” and one hour to research and planning.

Do this at least 4 days a week. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done following this approach.

Once your daily action plan is a habit, tweak it to make it even more effective and enjoyable.

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