The Profit Power of Having a Laser Focus


We often hear people speak about how they can multi-task. You know focus on more than one activity at a time. They brag about how they can read emails while talking on the phone to a customer while at the same time listen to a motivational tape in the background.

This is just the opposite of what it takes to be productive and profitable.

The successful online marketer recognizes the power of having a laser focus in their marketing efforts. Here is a 6 step system that is used by the most productive and profitable online marketers to harness the profit-making power of having a laser focus:

  • Decide what project you’re going to work on.
  • Break your project up into its key components and write them down.
  • Select one component to work on.
  • Work ONLY on that component until it is complete.
  • When that is complete, choose the next component and work ONLY on that part until completed.
  • Do this with each component until your project is complete.

For example, When I’m going to market a new affiliate product I create articles and product reviews with links to the sales page. I post them to my blog and other websites. I then focus on driving traffic to them.

While this is a simple system it works quite well.

So the components of my system are:

1.  Create articles and product review pages

2.  Post articles and product review pages

3.  Traffic Generation

Now that I have my list of components I quickly decide which component to work on first. In this example, I’ll start by writing my articles.

This because, once written, I can use these articles as a basis for product reviews, and my traffic generation system.

I decide how many articles I want to write and then focus on getting the articles created.

Once my articles are done, I decide on the next component to work on and continue this way until my project is complete.

Since this is an income-generating project, I will set aside a specific amount of time each day to work on it and allow no interruptions during that time.

I can’t stress the importance of taking laser-focused action to your business. It’s one of the key ingredients to success in anything that you want to accomplish.

Make today the day that you use the power of focused action in your online business and continue until it becomes a habit. Do so and you will have taken a huge step towards becoming a productive and profitable online marketer.

I hope you found this article to be informative and helpful, if so please share it on your social networks and add your comments and suggestions below.